Sunday, November 30, 2008

Adivasi Maha Sabha


Date: 30th Nov.08

A meeting of Adivasi Maha Sabha held on 30th of Nov.08 at Tezpur ,Pajhra campus. Mr.Wilfred Topno presided over the meeting. Members of Munda Sabha, Soura Sabha, Kharia Sabha ,Adivasi Sahitya sabha,Pajhra ,Hul and AASAA members were present in the meeting.the meeting discussed over the following Points.
1. The language workshop to be held on 16th to 27th January 2009 at tezpur. Where the members summer institute of linguistic will take part as resource persons. The workshop will train the main five Language group of Adivasis namely Orang, Kharia, Mundari, Santhali and Savura to prepare language primer.
2. Meeting also discussed on the political participation of coming election and issue of Miss.Lakhsmi Oraon who joined PDF.
3. Strengthening the different adivasi Sabhas including Adivasi Mahasabha .

In the (1) agenda every member expressed their willingness to support the program. They also decided to discuss the issue in their state bodies to support the workshop.

Agenda 2 took long discussion and finally decided to discuss it in a bigger forum on 14th of December at Torun Assam Bahawan at Tezpur involving Chiefs of different Sabhas.

About Lakhim Orang the meeting decided to stand with the AASAA. The student organization said that she has not discussed with the organization and it is her personal decision therefore she is not supported by AASAA or Adivasi Society. She is completely Badruddins (PDF) Candidate not of Adivasis.

To strengthening sabhas every member’s sabhas should take membership drive and keep the membership register. The sabhas are requested to prepare their annual programs and share it among member and others.

For Adivasi Mahasabha a constitution drafting committee is formed by the following members.
1. Mr.Wilfred Topno
2. Mr.Isdor Nag
3. Mr.Joseph Minz
4. Mr.Stephen Ekka
5. Mr.Joseph Minz.
Meeting decided to hold a conference in the end of February 09 and pass the constitution.
Adivasi Mahasabha will hold 4 compulsory meeting a year and a Annual General meeting.

Other following members were present in the meeting

Mr.Barnabus Kindo and Mr.Stephen lakra from HUL, Mr.Bisnu Munda of Munda Sabha, Mr.Thadeus Indwar of Kharia Sabha, Mr.Prodip Hemrom , Mr.Jiten Lakra, and many other of AASAA.There were several members of Saura Sabha present.

Mr.Stephen Ekka addressing the meeting

Mr.Arjun Savar of Orrissa Saunra Sabha exchanging book with Mr.Wilfred Topno in the meeting